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Welcome to Following God Publishing!

Welcome to Following God Publishing, ICI Ministries’ academic publishing arm named after our best-selling Values series. Following God Publishing is committed to teaching Values from a biblical perspective in every academic discipline.

Bible integration is the primary strength of Following God Publishing. ICI believes that the Bible (its verses, its characters, and its principles) is the best manual for moral and ethical living.

Following God Publishing exists because of our conviction that every child needs God’s leading to make moral and ethical judgments. Moreover, the Bible should provide the authoritative standard for basing all life decisions.

In our textbooks, Bible integration is expressed through:

  • the inclusion of lesson-related verses to lead pupils to appreciate the Bible as relevant to them.
  • the use of Bible characters and situations as examples or to support the ideas covered in easy lessons. If no such example from the Bible can be applied to a particular lesson, Bible principles are employed to emphasize that the Bible is our guide for moral and ethical living.
  • Revolving each lesson around the understand-reflect-consult-decide-act skills in the light of biblical principles and teachings.

Partner with Following God Publishing and become a channel of knowledge and godly wisdom this school year. Our new series and latest editions are so full of God’s life-changing Word and easy to teach and use. We are sure you’ll be back next year for more!