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With its unique distance-learning approach, ICI Ministries, in collaboration with Global University USA, offers undergraduate and graduate study programs to provide advanced, in-depth, and specialized study of Bible and related subjects.

Graduate Studies

Master of Arts in Biblical Studies

  • Broad Field Plan
  • New Testament Concentration

Master of Arts in Ministerial Studies

  • Education Concentration
  • Intercultural Studies
  • Leadership
  • Broad Field

Master of Divinity

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Undergraduate Studies

Bachelor of Arts in Bible and Theology

Bachelor of Arts in Religious Education

Bachelor of Arts in Intercultural Studies

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Each student is given six (6) months to finish each course. A student who opts to go at a faster rate can finish a course in a month and finish the whole program in just one year for M.A. level.

Find God

The Great Questions of Life

Highlights in the Life of Christ

Challenge to Encounter

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