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A Beautiful Life: Discovering the Freedom of Selfless Love

by Kerry Clarensau

Instinctively we feel that love matters more than anything else in life. We know that a lack of love negatively impacts our lives, and we suspect that we function at our best when our relationships are right with God and with others. But how do we get there? Mixing stories and personal experiences with information and strategic advice, Kerry Clarensau explores how to enjoy a life that soaks in love and shares it with others. She will help you discover some simple changes you can make today to grow love in your life–so you, too, can enjoy a beautiful life. Some of the topics Kerry explores include:

  • Created for Relationships
  • Forgive and Be Forgiven
  • Manage Conflicts Well
  • Respect and a Culture of Honor
  • You and Me and Boundaries
  • The Power of Presence